Dehumidifier Buying Tips

  • Dehumidifiers are rated according to their capacity - the number of pints of water removed during a 24-hour period.
  • Units with 25, 40, 50, 60-pint capacities are available.
  • If you are the type of do-it-yourselfer that likes precise measurements, get a humidity gauge to measure the relative humidity (percent of water vapor in the air in relation to the amount it can hold at a given temperature) in the house.
  • Features to look for:
    • Auto-off senses moisture level and turns the unit on and off accordingly and saves energy.
    • Shutoff - shuts the unit off when the container is full.
    • Signal light tells you the container is full.
    • Hose attachment that connects to the tank will allow the unit to empty into a floor drain. Normally a section of regular garden hose works.
    • Wheels provide mobility.
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