Dehumidifier Maintenance Tips

Don't set the humidistat higher than necessary

Dehumidifiers have a humidistat you can set to maintain a specific humidity level in the room. If you set the humidistat too high (low humidity), the unit may run continuously, which is usually unnecessary and not very helpful.

Clean the water container

You need to clean the container that catches water from the evaporator coils from time to time. How often depends on how much you use it. Check the condition of this container monthly for a while to learn whether your unit needs frequent cleaning.

Replace the filter

Many dehumidifiers are outfitted with a simple, electrostatic filter in the front grill area that filters air that passes through them. If your unit has a dehumidifier filter, you should replace or clean it once a year.

Inspect cooling coils for frost or ice build-up

If the temperature becomes fairly cool in the room where you have your dehumidifier--say 60 degrees Fahrenheit or lower--check the unit's coils to be sure they aren't icing up. If they are, you may have a problem.

Don't short-cycle the cooling system

To prolong the life of your dehumidifier, never turn it off and then back on right away. After you turn it off, wait at least 10 minutes before turning it on again. This lets pressure in the refrigeration system equalize.

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