Freezer Buying Tips

Helpful criteria for finding the right freezer for your needs:

1. Determine your capacity requirements and storing space.

  • Do you shop once a month stocking up on supplies or perhaps once per week?
  • Do you live alone or have a large family?
  • How far is the nearest shopping or do you have to buy in bulk.
  • How much space do you have to put the freezer?
  • Can your space accomodate an upright freezer with a swining door or would a chest variety with a lift up lid be a better choice?

2. For energy savings - chest versus uprights?

  • Choose a freezer that is EnergyStar® rated, or has the best energy rating.
  • Chest type usually have more capacity and can accommodate odd sized food items, but foods are difficult to get at, and can be forgotten in the bottom.
  • Chest type's lower profile will not obscure windows, but take up more floor space.
  • Chest style are more energy efficient, as they are manual defrost.
  • Chest freezers are usually priced lower than uprights.

3. Look for the style and special features you want - price will adjust accordingly.

  • Self-defrosting
  • Stainless steel or cabinet coordinating exteriors
  • Special features might include locking system, adjustable shelves, a wire
  • Storage basket, or an interior light.
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