Microwave Buying Tips

Consider What You Cook

If you will only be popping popcorn, melting butter, or heating up drinks and left-over's then you won't need a lot of fancy features - so don't pay for them.


A higher wattage will cook foods faster and most recipes that are written for microwaves are written for 800 watts or higher. Most microwaves have power that falls between 600 to 1200 watts.

Countertop or Over the Range Models

Available counter space often helps determine the size and location of the microwave. Over the range models often have built in fans and can free up the valuable counter real estate. Built-in models sometimes require professional installation and external venting.


Microwaves come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different families. The more members in the family the larger the microwave you will need.

Special Features

With so many dual wage earner households and fewer families having the time to follow traditional cooking methods, microwaves have evolved to fill the gap.

  • Sensors allow for pre-programmed settings that will take your meal from the freezer to the table, regualting the power levels and timing for each phase of the cycle.
  • Dual mode timers provide a timer that times the food being prepared and can simultaneously be used as a kitchen timer as well.
  • Grilling and browning capabilities are possible with special pans and grills to bake foods to a delicious golden brown texture.
  • Automatic defrost feature can detects the best power level to defrost foods when the food types ands weights are entered.
  • Turntable or rotating dish allows you to evenly cook food so that you won’t have to manually turn the food.
  • Touch pads that are easy to read, use, and understand. The cooking times, power settings and preparation instructions should be clearly displayed.
  • Shortcut keys for certain foods for even more convenience.
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